WTF: Russian Bungee Jumper Jumps Without Cord, Is Saved By Snow

February 7, 2020


This is a video from Novokuznetsk, Russia of a bungee jumper who leaps from a bridge prior to actually having the bungee cord attached to his harness. That is uh, that is one thing I would definitely double check before bungee jumping. Heck, even a single check would have helped here.

"I organize jumps in our city. We started preparing to jump one of the participants, we wanted to attach a rope to him, but he jumped with an empty ring. Fortunately, snow and grass softened the fall and he lived."

Well thank God he didn't land on his head. Also, I feel like this is all way too amateur an operation to be legal. I mean shouldn't you have to be accredited by the city of Orlando or something to prove you can responsibly operate a bungee experience?

Keep going for the video, which I thought was faked at first until I noticed there were no tracks leading to his crater. Also if somebody could translate that would be great.

Thanks to Damien, who agrees that awkward silence when everybody thought he was dead was really weird.

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