What In The?: Dude's DIY Car Door Dent Protection System

February 6, 2020


This is a video of a Hawaiian SUV owner's homemade dent protection system (previously: this Tesla owner's pool noodle solution). The video calls it a security system, but you can't go around believing the title of every Youtube video you watch because most are clickbait or written by people even stupider than me, and likely both:

"In Kalihi, a town on the island of Hawaii, there was an SUV that pulled next to me in the parking lot. He got out and grabbed what looked to be a pipe, zip ties and magnetic mats. He then proceeded to put the mats and pipe on the doors and then zip-tied them on to the door handles then walked away."

Hey -- whatever works. I swear people are so oblivious of other vehicles when they're getting out of their car it's like they only know one way to get out, and that's to kick the door open like they're the front line of a SWAT team raid. HANDS UP, PARKING LOT.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Eric P, who only enters and exits his car through the window like a real Duke Of Hazzard.

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