Video Of The Untethered Workers Constructing The Chrysler Building 1929 - 1930

February 17, 2020

Note: Watch your volume, video starts with hammering one of the giant eagle heads into place.

This is some archival footage of workers constructing the Chrysler Building during 1929 and 1930. Not only are they up there completely untethered, most of them are wearing dress shirts and ties under their work clothes. What a work ethic! I can only imagine the balls it would take to climb that building with no safety harness, but I'd estimate about the size of King Kong's when he climbed it. "King Kong climbed the Empire State Building, not the Chrysler Building." WELL SHIT. So, did anybody else get sweaty palms as soon as they hit play? Because I know I did. AND hairy palms. "Put your penis away." I think it's the danger that excites me!

Keep going for the video while I complain to HR that the office is a single degree too cold for my taste.

Thanks to Milad, who agrees all those lunatics on Youtube who film themselves trespassing and climbing buildings with no safety gear should all get together and do something useful like build a skyscraper.

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