Video Of Dog Failing His Service Training Spectacularly

February 27, 2020

This is a video of Ryker the Belgian Malinois spectacularly failing all his exams at the Double H Canine Training Academy. *shrug* The service industry isn't right for everyone. And instead of entering into the service, Ryker was adopted by his trainer, Zach James. You know, Ryker reminds me a lot of my own dogs. "Because they're poorly behaved?" What? No -- because they're Belgian Malinois. "Do you even know what a Belgian Malinois is?" Prior to this article I would have assumed a kind of cookie or D&D character class.

Keep going for the video (set to Sinatra's 'My Way') as well as a bonus clip of Ryker going nuts with a helium balloon.

Thanks to Ashley I, who agrees dogs are such beautiful creatures.

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