Truck Follows Boat Down Launch Ramp Into Water After Alleged Brake Failure

February 18, 2020


This is a smartphone video of a computer screen (my favorite kind of video) featuring a truck backing a boat down a launch ramp when the truck's brakes allegedly fail, sending it into the drink, and eventually Davey Jones's locker. Some more info while I dive that sunken truckwreck for loose change:

"I let my apprentice back my car down the ramp while I was to drive the boat out. Apparently, the brakes failed. He saved his shoes and crawled out the back window."

So I'm supposed to believe of all the times that truck's brakes could fail, they just so happened to go out the very moment its unloading a boat in the water? That sounds *putting on cool guy polarized sunglasses so I can see through the water* fishy. When reached for comment about the plausibility of the truck's brakes failing, I could see Farmers Insurance online live-chat agent Nicholas began typing, then stopped, then disconnected our chat.

Keep going for the whole video, including eventual sinking, and Australian commentary.

Thanks to Milad, who agrees that truck is not a very good boat.

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