Truck Driver On Icy Road Manages To Avoid Collision Through The Power Of Cursing

February 5, 2020


Note: Lots of profanity.

This is 'A Trucker's Life - Icy Edition', a short video of a trucker on an icy road who watches another truck slide across the road in front of him, leaving him nowhere to go and no time to stop. Amazingly, thanks to the sheer power of cursing his face off (and the truck behind the first in the oncoming line pulling onto the shoulder), the trucker manages to pass through a gap between the trucks just in time to see a pickup spin out further down the road. Now, based on these icy road conditions, I'm going to go out on a limb here and assu-- *SNAP* shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! *THUD* Help me.

Keep going for the full video while I call a truck company and tell them I think I've got the right language to drive.

Thanks to Ben H, who agrees the power of cursing is truly phenomenal.

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