Truck Attempts To Drive Under Flooded Underpass

February 14, 2020


This is a video from Spartanburg, South Carolina of a poor decision maker in a 90's Chevrolet pickup who decides his truck has seen way worse and attempts to cross an incredibly flooded underpass. SPOILER: he starts floating, and the video ends with him standing on the toolbox in the bed of his drowned truck texting and waiting for the cops to come help him. Now if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times -- you have to hydroplane across floods. If you don't hit that water at a minimum of 35MPH (and preferably 50MPH+) you're never gonna make it. It's call physics. See right here? I did the equations. "This is a doodle of a stick figure waterskiing behind a car with an arrow pointing to it that says 'PORSCHE'." The numbers don't lie.

Keep going for the video while I call this guy and joke him about his Chevy boat.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees this chump could probably never get a time-traveling DeLorean up to 88MPH either.

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