The Puny Jason Momoa Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Commercial (Plus Bryan Cranston's The Shining For Mountain Dew And Rick And Morty Pringles)

February 3, 2020


In case you didn't watch the Super Bowl last night or were in the painful middle of trying to expel some food poisoning seasoned bean dip in a friend's guest bathroom as silently as possible when it was shown (thanks a lot, becca b -- now I'll probably never be invited to another Super Bowl party), this is the Jason Momoa commercial for Rocket Mortgage. It's a great commercial, although I did have to watch it three times to make note it was for Rocket Mortgage, making it not such a great commercial. And for the record I think skinny bald Jason is just as sexy as Khal Drogo because it's what's on the inside that counts, and from the looks of that house he's filthy rich on the inside.

Keep going for the video, as well as the Bryan Cranston The Shining Mountain Dew and Rick And Morty Pringles commercials while I complain to Google for trying to The Notebook me while I'm acting tough in front of my frenemies.

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