Surprisingly Not Bad: Jamming Out On Barcode Readers Turned Into Instruments

February 14, 2020

This is a video of Electronicos Fantasticos (led by Ei Wada of this unusual electric fan instrument fame) performing with their latest electronic musical instruments that "generate sounds by connecting scan-signals of a barcode scanner directly to a powered speaker." You may recall previously this four-neck guitar from another experimental electronic musician that was also played via barcode scanner. Or you may not. *shrug* It's cool, my brain is trash too. "Don't ever put us in the same boat." Oh I just did, and SPOILER: you're Jack and I'm Rose.

Keep going for three videos: a duet, a solo performance, and a woman's striped dress being played as she dances.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees everything is an instrument if you just know how to play it. Wohoho, Confucius!

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