Sure, Why Not?: An Official LEGO Block Desk Calendar Set

February 21, 2020


This is the $20 LEGO Iconic Brick Calendar set #40172. It's 278 pieces are enough to build four numbers cubes for displaying the current date, a stand, and minifig. Simple enough. Of course if you're like me you don't need some desk calendar to know what day it is because I have an INTERNAL CALENDAR. "You mean internal clock?" I don't know what I mean, he just tells me what day it is, but also to do stuff like climb on my desk or try to cross the street with my eyes closed or yell at people. "Ooooh, you mean internal monologue?" No clue, but this narrator is crazy.

Thanks to Chris C, who agrees the goal is to live a life where it doesn't matter what day it is.

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