Scientists Discover Cave Salamander Hasn't Moved In 7 Years

February 13, 2020


Scientists tracking olms (a species of aquatic blind cave salamander that spends its entire life, into the hundreds of years, underwater in complete darkness) in Herzegovinian discovered an individual that hadn't moved from the same spot in a record 2,569 days. Wow! Now that's what I call living the dream. Or being dead. Some details about olms while I try not to move for the rest of the day:

[Olms] are not highly gregarious, have no predators, are highly resistant to starvation - able to go without food for several years

...divers documenting the movements of olms in Herzegovinian caves found that over a decade, individuals tended to move less than 10 metres in total.

They are apparently only compelled to move in order to mate, which they do on average around once every 12.5 years.

Man, "only compelled to move in order to mate?" The same could be argued about myself. Of course if I only mated once every 12.5 years on average I'd-- "Have had double the sex as you've had now." *lunging for headlock* SONOFA!

Thanks to kirikou, who agree apparently getting up to stretch your legs on occasion is overrated in the olm world.

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