Science!: Floating An Iron Anvil In A Tub Of Liquid Mercury

February 14, 2020

This is a video of Youtuber Cody'sLab (heck yeah, let me grab my white coat and goggles and I'll be right over) floating a 110-pound iron anvil in a tub of liquid mercury. Obviously, the anvil floats in the mercury because mercury has a density almost twice that of iron (13.69 g/cm³ and 7.87 g/cm³, respectively). It's still crazy to watch though. And some would argue even crazier to drink, but that didn't stop me from scooping a cupful. "Isn't mercury poisonous?" Only to people afraid of superpowers. "What you got?" *tries to take sip, spills down front of shirt* Only blurred vision and loss of coordination so far.

Keep going for the whole experiment, complete with just how much the mercury deadens the sound of a hammer on the anvil at 2:45, and some sweet slow-motion footage at the end.

Thanks to again to hairless, who agrees chemistry is cool. Yeah it is *winking* especially the stuff between you and me.

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