Respirator Masks With The Part Of Your Face They're Covering Printed On Them

February 17, 2020


These are the Face ID Masks imagined by Danielle Baskin, which she actually plans to manufacture once the global face mask shortage is over. For $40 you'll get a single N95 respirator mask with the part of your face that it covers printed on it that will allegedly work with facial recognition software so you can unlock your phone without taking your mask off, getting sick, and dying. Will it actually work with facial recognition software? I highly doubt it, because one time I tried unlocking a friend's phone with a full-size photo of his face I printed out and it didn't work. "Why were you doing that?" Long story short? Attempted blackmail. "And the long story long?" I'm sorry, but I don't have time right now. "Why not?" Because I managed to pry his eyes open when he was asleep and now I have a briefcase full of money to go pick up!

Keep going for a few more shots.



Thanks to Jan, for reminding me how my phone doesn't recognize me due to all the chins when I'm lying in bed.

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