Real Products That (Are Unfortunately About To) Exist: Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs Clogs

February 12, 2020


As a very clear sign humanity doesn't have much time left, these are the limited edition KFC x Crocs clogs being released this spring. The footwear will be available on the Crocs website for $60 when they're released, and each pair includes two fried chicken scented drumstick Jibbitz™ (plug-in-a-hole charms for Crocs -- I had to Google that, just so we're clear). So yeah, this is the world we live in now. "I don't like it, GW." *tousling hair* Me neither, not one bit. Also if you own a dog I can't recommend leaving these around the house because it will almost certainly eat your chicken scented drumstick Jibbitz™, and then how could you ever expect to be taken seriously in public? "Oh man, get a load of this idiot." MY DOG ATE THEM, OKAY?

Keep going for several more shots and a weird promo commercial.





Thanks to Luc, Jeffrey S, and speakerbox, who agree the best crocs of all time were the ones Steve Irwin loved so much.

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