Pour Me One: Guy Taste Testing Liquid Mercury A Couple Times

February 18, 2020

Hot on the heels of that iron anvil floating in liquid mercury comes another video from Cody of Cody'sLab (also previously) of him taste-testing the stuff a couple times "so you don't have to." I don't know, now I kinda feel like I DO have to. I mean why should Cody get to have all the fun/superpowers? After all, somebody is gonna have to fight him when he tries robbing a bank with his new powers. Also, there's never been a time in my life when somebody has told me something tastes like shit and I could keep myself from trying it.
What can I say *standing on tippy-toes to peek over urinal divider* I'm naturally curious.

Keep going for the video, actual tasting begins at 1:45 but it's all worth a watch.

Thanks to commenter GuB, for pointing me in the direction of this important piece of science.

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