Okaaay: Driving A Ford F-350 On Wheels Made Out Of Steel Spikes

February 27, 2020


This is a video from Youtube channel WhistlinDiesel of a Ford F-350 with an Any Level Lift kit that's been outfitted with 'reaper wheels' constructed from quarter inch steel spikes in the style of a tiller or cultivator, capable "of literally tilling frozen dirt." Not very effectively, mind you, and the spikes are almost immediately bent to all hell, but they tried. And, according to my ripoff of a life coach Zane who puts way too much stock in the act of just trying, that's what really matters. *tries to toss candy wrapper in wastebasket, misses* Where's my participation ribbon?

Keep going for the full video, but the best footage starts around the 5:00.

Thanks to Gary G, who agrees this does beat trying to skip rocks across a frozen creek.

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