Oh Wow: A Beating Tell-Tale Heart And Book Cake For Valentine's Day

February 14, 2020

Well folks, it's Valentine's Day, and you all know what that means -- Sonic The Hedgehog was even more amazing than I could have hoped for (I watched it twice back-to-back) and if anybody wants to go again this weekend, hit me up. This is the Tell-Tale Heart cake made by Jane M of Fanciful Cakes for an office party. The Jell-O heart has a pump inside so it beats and the book pages were printed on edible ink pages (personally, I have no problem eating real paper -- the fiber helps keep me regular). Most impressive. And all for an office party? Shooooot, I almost feel bad about only bringing the stale Manager's Special oatmeal cookies I picked up from the grocery store this morning. "Half of them are already eaten." Yeah it's called traffic.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks carey, and let me know if you wanna go see Sonic this weekend, I bought like 40 tickets.

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