Octopus Attempts Four Different Escape Rooms With Increasing Difficulty

February 4, 2020


This is a video of the OctoLab's resident escape artist octopus Rudy attempting four different escape rooms (with increasing difficulty from easy, moderate, difficult, and extremely difficult) designed to test his skill in peacing the f*ck out. He manages to complete them all, including the fourth which involved having to push a big red button, then escaping through the door it opened while simultaneously completely changing the color of his environment. Impressive. You know I participated in a horror themed escape room once. "How did that go?" I immediately ran through a wall like the Kool Aid Man, setting an unofficial any% speedrun record.

Keep going for the video. Easy begins a 1:10, moderate at 2:50, difficult at 5:05 and extremely difficult at 7:15.

Thanks to my friend becca b, who agrees the hardest room to escape is a kitchen with snacks on the counter.

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