Never Give Up: Moth In Lizard's Mouth Takes Off With Lizard Hanging On

February 17, 2020

Because sometimes the circle of life is actually a parabola, this is an ultra-short video (I know, I wish it were longer too) of an anole that caught a moth, but the moth isn't giving up and takes off with the anole in tow. Man, I can't help but wonder just how this story ended. It's going to haunt me. At least until I find a magic lamp and piss away my first wish finding out. "You're a poor decision maker, GW." Oh man *using Sharpie to write PIN on back of debit card so I don't have to remember it* that's a fact.

Keep going for the video of Godzilla vs Mothra while I make a new NEVER GIVE UP inspirational poster.

Thanks to Luc, who agrees this story likely ended with a bird being served its appetizer and entree simultaneously.

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