Neo Takes The Blue Pill: The Matrix/Office Space Keanu Reeves Deepfake Mashup

February 20, 2020

This is 'Neo Takes The Blue Pill', a mashup/deepfake video created by Youtuber Ctrl Shift Face with the help of visual effects artist Chris Ume, imagining Neo in the world of Office Space, complete with boss Bill Lumbergh getting the Agent Smith treatment. 3/5 but would still watch a full-length version in the theater. "Can I come?" Depends, are you going to try pulling the ol' penis in the popcorn trick? "Is it really a trick if you're expecting it?" Hoho! Get extra salt and butter.

Keep going for the video, as well as a worthwhile side-by-side comparison of the effects.

Thanks to Trent, who agrees the obvious answer is taking both red and blue pills simultaneously for max party effects.

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