Man Sets New Guiness World Record For Most Stairs Climbed Using His Head (With A Neck-Breaking 36)

February 7, 2020

This is a video of Chinese acrobatic athlete Li Longlong setting a new Guinness World Record for most stairs climbed only using his head, with a relatively painful looking 36. Some more info about the record while I climb the stairs like a normal person, by taking the elevator:

The strict rules for this grueling challenge insist that the participant must not pause for more than five seconds between steps and that no part of the body other than the head may touch them.

That's cool, but I really feel like somebody should tell Li that it would be way faster and easier if he would just right himself and use his feet. I mean that can't be good for your neck or spine, and I feel like I may have gotten scoliosis just watching. Check me *embarrassingly lifting shirt in front of classmates* check my like my fourth grade P.E. teacher.

Keep going for the full record breaking in action while I complain that stair height is nowhere near regulation. And how do we know that little donut hat isn't filled with flubber?

Thanks to Cyndi M, who agrees everybody is the best at something.

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