Good Boy!: Dog Brings Sock Upstairs After Owner Drops It Carrying Laundry

February 19, 2020


This is a video of Gabbie and Trey Foote's very good boy Jonsi bringing a sock upstairs after Trey dropped it while carrying laundry upstairs to fold, and asked him to bring it up. Per Trey afterwards: "Oh my God he did it!" Haha, that sounds like me whenever my dogs do anything even remotely not terrible. Also I like how when Trey is talking to the dog Gabbie asks what he said like he was talking to her. That is literally nine-tenths of me and my girlfriend's conversations.

Keep going for the full video (and make sure the volume is on) while I Amazon gift Trey a laundry basket.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees this is way better behavior than a dog who regularly sneaks socks and underwear under the bed to chew up NOT THAT I'M GOING TO NAME ANY NAMES, ELLIE.

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