First Look At Robert Pattinson's Full Batsuit And Batcycle

February 24, 2020


These are a couple shots from the set of The Batman near Glasgow Cathedral in Glasgow, Scotland starring Robert Pattinson is full Batsuit regalia, along with his Batcycle (and is that part of Catwoman on the right?). So, what do you think? Because according to the lengthy Twitter thread I just read, people are very opinionated and care about this way too much. Just like my dad used to ask me when I was a kid and I'd sit in front of the television facing the couch and and pretend to be a meteorologist: What are you doing with your life?

Keep going for one more shot and a short video of the Batman laying his bike down while I complain the Batsuit isn't nearly see-through enough for my Team Edward taste.


Thanks to hairless, Michael R, and becca b, who agrees they should have been really bold and given him wings.

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