Count Me In: This Junky Car Jumping Competition In England

February 21, 2020

This is some footage from a ramp jumping competition held by the Angmering Oval Race Club at the Angmering Raceway in West Sussex, UK. The object is to jump your car over as many of the other lined up junkers as possible, and ideally all of them. And a handful of the drivers actually manage to, some even able to drive their vehicles away afterwards. From what I could gather, it appears the key to success was not being afraid of the gas pedal. And isn't that how we should all live our lives? And these things *smashing sideview mirrors off with baseball bat* who needs those? What's behind you me is in the past, and I need to be focusing on the future. "That's not your car, is it, GW?" You know we should really get outta here.

Keep going for the full video while I go door to door asking if any of my neighbors want to hold a demolition derby this weekend.

Thanks to Mark B, who agrees that air must have felt so fantastic.

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