Cat Mesmerized By The Footprints It Leaves In Memory Foam Mattress

February 28, 2020

This is a short video of a pretty kitty named Winston who's rather intrigued by the footprints he leaves in a memory foam mattress. Admittedly, I did the same thing when I first got a memory foam mattress. Then I made the mistake of laying my penis directly on it and the foam has never recovered. It's like the Mariana Trench running right up the middle of the bed now, with my girlfriend and I sleeping on opposite sides. One time she accidentally rolled into it and I had to tie two bedsheets together just to pull her out, true story.

Keep going for the full video, as well as a BONUS video of Winston's roommate Lola stuck in a coat sleeve. The fun must never end at that house!

Thanks to Caroline J, who agrees cats have the minds of mad scientists.

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