Doctor Who Tenth And Thirteenth Doctor Build-A-Bears Now Available

February 25, 2020


Build-A-Bear Workshop has just released a buildable Doctor Who bear that can be customized into the likeness of the Tenth or Thirteenth Doctors. For $70 you can get the Doctor Who bear (with two hearts sewn onto its chest representing a Time Lord's binary vascular system), the Tenth or Thirteenth Doctor's signature outfit, a corresponding sonic screwdriver with sound effects, and TARDIS box. That's cool. Personally, I've never built a bear before. I always want to whenever I see the store at the mall but any time I've expressed interest my parents are all, "What are you, five?" then I throw a tantrum and have to go to bed without dessert.

Keep going for a few more shots.




Thanks to atheistgirl, who agrees we should all take a field trip to the mall to build some bears and drink Orange Juliuses and get our ears pierced at Claire's.

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