Back To The Future's Time Traveling DeLorean Replaced With Tesla Cybertruck

February 10, 2020

Because this is the internet and the internet loves mashing stuff together like I do Fruit Roll Ups to fit four in my mouth at once, this is video of a Tesla Cybertruck added to the Back To The Future scene where Marty and Doc are testing the time-traveling DeLorean in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall. You know it's weird to think what it would have been like if they'd used any other car beside a DeLorean for the time machine. Alternate realities, you know? Like looking through an old yearbook and realizing the high school girlfriend that you still mention occasionally in conversation was imaginary. "Wait, what?" Oh Beth? She was captain of the varsity field hockey team as a sophomore.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless and Jeffrey S, who want to know if the time machine had been a Volkswagen Beetle if it would have gone back in time to sex Herbie. Because my guess is yes.

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