Awww: Donkey Goes Absolutely Nuts Over New Ball Toy

February 19, 2020


This is a video of a ball-loving donkey getting a brand new Jolly Ball toy to play with and going completely nuts over it, like finding a Nintendo under the tree on Christmas morning 1985. Those sounds he makes -- my goodness. Some more info while I ask around the office if anybody knows a donkey I can go pet after work:

"My little donkey loves nothing more than a jolly ball. He loves to lay on them and pick them up with his mouth and sometimes between his front hooves. He's five years old and I got him when he was just four months old. He is very spoiled and loved."

Goshdang is there an address or PO Box I can send some more balls to? I mean he destroyed that one pretty fast. Even if I can't watch it personally it would just be nice to know that there is more of this going on. Like I could close my eyes at work while the project I've been working on for eight months burns like a dumpster fire and smile to myself thinking, "You get that ball, donkey -- get it!"

Keep going for the video, and make sure to have your volume on for max excitation.

Thanks to Ashley I, who agrees we should all strive to be as happy as this donkey with his ball.

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