Awww: Astronaut Greets Her Dog After A Year Away Aboard The International Space Station

February 18, 2020

This is a very sweet video of NASA astronaut Christina Koch returning home to her dog after spending a year aboard the International Space Station. Those must have been two big water and food bowls she left out! "Somebody watched the dog." Oh, right. Of course. The video isn't really different from any of the other 'person returning home to dog' videos you may have seen, except in this case Christina WAS IN OUTER SPACE. You think her dog could smell the space on her? Dogs have quite the noses, you know. Because whenever I come home from a friend's place who has pets my dogs can ALWAYS smell the other dogs on me, then they get jealous and poop on the carpet. "Wait -- are WE the second family?" I imagine them thinking while circling for an angry shit.

Keep going for the sweet video, and make sure to turn the volume on.

Thanks to Andrea, who agrees it's hard being away from the ones you love for so long.

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