Adam Savage Towed In Rickshaw By Spot Quadruped Robot

February 14, 2020


This is a video of Adam Savage discussing and then successfully being towed by a Boston Dynamics Spot quadruped robot in the very fancy rickshaw that he built for the occassion. Spot struggles a bit on its first go because it doesn't know that it has weight on its back or that it's towing something behind it, but after providing Spot with that information, it's able to adjust itself accordingly and perform much better. So, if you were wondering if a tens-of-thousands-of-dollars robot can slowly creep you around in a rickshaw for 90 minutes before its battery dies, the answer is yes. If you were wondering if I'd do the same for a fraction of the price, the answer is also yes, although doing so bare-assed will cost extra. "How much extra?" I was just kidding!

Keep going for the video, but you can skip all the way to 22:30 if you just want to see the towing in action.

Thanks to Josh J, DT, and Vanessa, who agree this method of transportation is clearly only for people with nowhere to go and all day to get there.

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