A Video Chart Of The Probability Of A Person Having Unique 'Superpower' Mutations

February 3, 2020

This is a video created by comparison vlogger (sweet niche) Reigarw highlighting the probability of someone being born with one of a variety of different genetic-based 'superpower' mutations. Some more info while I try to convince my coworkers I was legit born with a detachable thumb:

From being immune to pain and electricity, to being a prodigy in music, art or even a human calculator, we shall compare the rarest superpower humanity ever known. What is the probability of being ambidextrous, having unbreakable bones or even super endurance? How many people have Myostatin related muscle hypertrophy? How many are born with a superior IQ above 178? Odds of being born with 5+ octave range or tetrachromacy color vision?

That's cool, I have every single one of those that was on the chart. Especially if there was one about having an ultra-rare Superman penis. "There wasn't." Well then I have that one in addition to all these. Plus one that caused an ultra-rare Superman penis. "You just sa--" Ooh, and the memory of a supercomputer!

Keep going for the video. And remember: you're one of a kind. MY kind. *wink*

Thanks to hairless, who agrees there not being a mutation for x-ray vision and me having it is proof God hates me.

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