A School Of Juvenile Striped Eel Catfish Moving As A Single Entity

February 7, 2020

This is a video from Jemeluk Bay in Amed, Bali of a school of juvenile striped eel catfish moving as if they're one, much larger creature, like a monster walking the seafloor. Some more details while I giggle at all their little mustaches:

These little guys tend to form a school as juveniles, up to a hundred individuals, to protect themselves from predators, and go about their lives on their own when they reach their sexual maturity. Fun fact, if the adults are venomous and can inflict a painful sting, the young ones can only produce a mild version of the venom, tingling the fingers of the people putting their hands in the school (which we don't recommend you do!)

Whoa -- venomous? That's news to me. "Well you're not exactly a striped eel catfish expert, are you, GW?" I thought I was. "And now?" Now I don't know what to believe, it's like my whole world was just turned upside down. Maybe if we, I don't know-- "We're not kissing." But I'm so confused! Settle for a hug and see where it goes?

Keep going for the video while I email Ariel to ask if she knew about this.

Thanks to Ashley I, who agrees as far as schools go, that one looks pretty fun.

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