A Finnish Bluegrass Band Cover Of Guns N' Roses' 'Paradise City'

February 3, 2020


This is a video of very cleverly named Finnish bluegrass band Steve 'n' Seagulls performing a cover of Guns N' Roses' timeless party banger 'Paradise City'. You know, just like Bad Luck Brian I've actually visited Paradise City, and the grass was in fact brown and the girls ugly. Total tourist trap, and one of my top five least favorite vacations. And not just because of the rash I came home with, but if it isn't safe to ride all the boardwalk rides bare-assed there ought to be a sign.

Keep going for this cover, as well as 'November Rain' and AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck'.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees misnomers are everywhere.

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