Woopsie: Woman Tries To Pull Into Garage With Tesla Model X Gullwing Door Open

January 8, 2020

In that's gonna leave a mark news, this is a short security cam video from the interior of a very nice looking garage (dual lifts, sick!) of a woman who, after letting the kids out to run inside, proceeds to try pulling into the garage with one of her Tesla Model X's gullwing back doors open because the girl carrying the yellow coat didn't close it (you in trouble!). She almost makes it too. ALMOST. Honestly, I'm surprised you can even drive the vehicle with one of those doors open without initiating 'Helping The Kids Deliver Newspapers' mode. I blame Elon Musk. For a lot of things really. But mostly not giving me the million dollars I asked for nicely, then not so nicely, then demandingly, then threateningly, back to nice again, then sobbing and begging for anything, even bad advice.

Keep going for the whole video, but the gif is really it minus the lovely sound.

Thanks to Tank, who wouldn't have even felt that wall as he breezed through the hole he just made.

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