Whoa: This Beautiful Star Wars CGI Short, 'Last Stand'

January 20, 2020

This is Star Wars: Last Stand, a short fan made CGI film featuring a bunch of beautifully rendered stormtroopers (in 4K too) attacking an unseen foe. In the creator's own words while I too lash out at an unseen foe and worry my coworkers. ADMIT IT -- ADMIT YOU'VE BEEN STEALING MY DREAMS:

Star Wars: The Last Stand is a dynamic, gritty and somewhat over the top full CGI depiction of battle worn storm troopers facing off against an unknown enemy.

Stormtroopers are often portrayed as somewhat silly and incompetent, so I wanted to create a film to showcase troopers as skilled fighters, which is how I see them. Having the simple idea of showing Stormtroopers fighting, I knew the crux of the project would be to illustrate the battle in an interesting way. To do this I wanted to use dynamic camera angles, focusing on moments and scenes we don't usually see in Star Wars films. I worked on this piece on and off for 3 years, mostly by myself.

That's cool, but what were they fighting? Because as much as you really wanted to "showcase troopers as skilled fighters," I'm fairly certain they either caught a group of their own in friendly fire, or, perhaps even more likely, were just attacking and losing to a reflective surface.

Keep going for the video while I ignore all argumentative comments about blaster colors.

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