Whoa: POV Footage Of Going Through A Twisted, Rotating Water Slide

January 22, 2020

This is some point of view footage (it's not all picture-in-picture btw) of the 4-person raft Aquaspinner rotating water slide at Aquapark Reda near Gdańsk, Poland. If you're an elephant, you may recall I posted a prototype of the slide back in 2017. I did not (thanks Jeremy for the heads up). Some more info while I look up vintage Crocodile Miles on eBay:

The Aquaspinner is Europe's first and world's second installation of the rotating SlideWheel by Wiegand Waterrides. Riders embark upon this attraction in four-person rafts. The slide will continue to spin and as soon as the wheel is in the correct position, a conveyor belt is pushing the round-raft into the ride. During the ride, the riders tilt from one side to another multiple times before they exit the wheel on the opposite side after about 90 seconds. Afterwards, an ordinary tube slide with some colorful daylight effects is leading into the runout pool. Due to the rotation, the experience is completely different from any other water slide in the world and the video does not really do justice.

Would you ride it? I'd ride it. Would you try to get frisky with your partner while you're in the tube? I know I would. "What about the other two people in the raft?" Your call -- you want to ignore them or ask if they wanna join in? "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was your partner in this situation." Oh you *closes eyes to reveal your initials tattooed on my eyelids* you're my partner in every situation.

Keep going for the video while I steer clear of all the poop in the wave pool.

Thanks to Caroline J, who agrees that's cool and all, but point us to the lazy river.

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