Whoa: Photo Of Red Devil Horns Solar Eclipse Captured

January 10, 2020


This is a shot of the recent December 26 eclipse as captured by amateur astronomer Elias Chasiotis from Al Wakrah, Qatar right at sunrise, making the eclipse appear as a pair of menacing red devil horns (an omen?!). Or, as my good pal/better enemy Terry suggested, the bikini top of a giant invisible woman. Now I'm not sure whether to be concerned about the demonic apocalypse or aroused. "Why not both?" *pulling clip-on devil tail left over from Halloween out of desk drawer* Meet me in the back of my Explorer in ten.

Keep going for three more shots as the sun continued to rise, making the scene significantly less demonic/erotic.




Thanks to my pal Terry, who clearly has at LEAST 20/10 vision.

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