Whatever Works: 3rd Grade Teacher Wears Muscles And Organs Bodysuit To Teach Class About Anatomy

January 8, 2020


Hoho -- and on Friday the 13th! Appropriate.

These are a couple shots of Valladolid, Spain third grade teacher Verónica Duque, who wore a muscle and organ bodysuit to teach her class about anatomy. That's cool, alhough I question just how accurate the lesson was considering the back half of the top is just a misaligned reprint of the front. Also, I guarantee if this had happened in the U.S. that parents would have been calling the school outraged, the teacher would have been fired, and not a single one of those students would ever be able to beat me at Operation.

Keep going for one more shot while I take a lap around the office asking coworkers if they want me to show them where their kidneys are with my fists.


Thanks to hairless, who informed me the heart is the most important muscle of all. Crazy, I would have guessed it was the sphincter.

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