Warning Shot: 9mm Handgun Attachment That Fires One Giant Less-Lethal Round Before Regular Fire

January 8, 2020


This is the $120 WASP personal defense 9mm handgun accessory. It can be attached to any modern 9mm handgun with threaded barrel and allows a user to fire a single, less lethal 6.5 ounce baton "that hits you like a ton of bricks" before instantly reverting to regular, more-lethal bullets. Some more info while I sit on my hands until they go numb so my fists aren't such deadly weapons, albeit only briefly:

The WASP can be especially helpful in avoiding accidental shootings and killings.

the WASP less-lethal weapon accessory also has these advantages:

It's safer for bystanders, and will not travel through walls or downrange.
The WASP transfers more force than a bullet and will not over-penetrate, so it has better stopping power.
It creates no additional risk for the user, since once the WASP is fired, the firearm reverts to a standard, loaded 9mm pistol.

Hey, whatever prevents you from actually shooting a roommate you mistook for an intruder. "You knew it was me." I swear I didn't -- you didn't announce yourself! Plus you look so much bigger and scarier in the dark (I knew it was him).

Keep going for a couple more shots and a promo video while I speculate if wasp was really the best name for this product.



Thanks to No, who made it unclear if they just don't want any credit, or if their parents were torn between that and Yes.

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