Vicious Mockery: 100 Dungeon & Dragons Inspired Insults

January 21, 2020


To celebrate 100,000 Youtube subscribers, this is a video of Ginny Di reciting 100 Dungeons & Dragons themed insults. You may recall her previously posted 50 Dungeons & Dragons themed pick-up lines. So now when you're tossing back some ales at the local tavern you should have enough lines necessary to speak entirely in Dungeons & Dragons themes, regardless of the circumstance. That'll make a fun Friday night -- who's with me?! Anybody? That's it *handing D20* roll for a suspicious house fire check.

Keep going for the video, which no, I did not watch all of because I felt they were all directed right at me and I can only take so much.

Thanks to carey, for inspiring me to spend the rest of the day speaking entirely in the insult sword fighting insults from the Monkey Island series.

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