Sure, Why Not?: A Light That Projects An Imaginary Window On Your Wall

January 23, 2020


These are the REVEAL lighting systems available from Adam Frank Incorporated. Powered by halogen ($280) or LED ($320, and 1/10th of the energy consumption) bulbs, the lighting systems project an imaginary window anywhere you want one in the dark using "multi-plane analog images to create real depth of focus." Plus "air currents through the projector create organic, non-repeating movement in the background." How about that! Each light includes five different window style slides, and five different tree views for a total of 25 different combinations so you can find your perfect fake window. Of course if you're got $280 to spend on an imaginary window you've easily got the money to buy a sledgehammer, duct tape, and a roll of clear plastic sheeting to make a real window. Shoot, for that kinda money I'll make you all the windows you want. AND skylights.

Keep going for several more shots and a video.









Thanks to Alex S, who agrees this sure will brighten up a prison cell.

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