Spinning A GoPro In A Lathe Up To 1,800 RPM To See What It Captures

January 7, 2020

Note: Hard to watch without getting sick.

This is a video of a GoPro strapped to a lathe and being spun faster and faster, from 14 RPM all the way up to a staggering 1,800 RPM to see what the camera is capable of capturing. SPOILER: Blurs. Lots and lots of blurs. And was that my puke at 560 RPM? Although at 1,800 RPM it actually does seem like it's starting to get its act together briefly, sort of like me four years after college before everything fell apart, and has remained apart indefinitely.

Keep going for the video while I pick up the broken pieces and wonder what the hell they even belong to.

Thanks to Cam, who agrees we can at least cross off 'spinning GoPro on a lathe' as potential sources for the meaning of life.

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