Samsung Unveils Softball Sized BB-8 Style Home Robot

January 7, 2020

This is a promo video just unveiled by Samsung at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for its appropriately named Ballie home robot. What can it do? Presumably double as a softball in a pinch:

According to Samsung, it can be used to patrol your home, its camera searching for burglars. That camera can also be used to capture "special moments," said Sebastian Seung, executive vice president at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung also says Ballie is a fitness assistant, because nothing gets your blood pumping like being chased or chirped at by a robot.

It can also communicate with other smart devices.

Looks cute, but I question it's actual functionality minus being able to point it out to everybody who comes over to let them know you're a superior futurist. Honestly, it looks like something I'm just going to inevitably twist my ankle stepping on. Or that's gonna roll in on me in the bathroom when I'm trying to pee and cause me to make a mess. "Babe -- why's the ceiling smell like Honey Smacks?" I imagine my girlfriend asking later.

Keep going for the video (which does make the Ballie appear to be a decent pet cam) while I argue if I need something to follow me around all day taking video while I'm naked, I'll hire somebody.

Thanks to DT, who agrees that is going to suck to step on coming down the stairs first thing in the morning.

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