Rush Limbaugh On Car Radio Appears To React To Accident

January 14, 2020


This is a short video from West Jordan, Utah of Rush Limbaugh almost appearing to see the car accident that just happened in front of Gregor Wilke as he was pulling up to a traffic light. Some more info while I wonder if Rush has my dash-cam tapped too. I know he's got my doorbell cam:

"I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh talk radio show, and at the exact moment Rush said 'Because it's crazy. And so is this,' an automobile blew a stoplight and went careening into the side of another SUV. This caused it to spin out, and flip over. The crash was recorded on camera, and thankfully nobody hurt during the incident."

Crazy. Almost as crazy as somebody spending a perfectly good commute listening to political talk radio in the first place, regardless of political affiliation. Why do that to yourself?
Me? I only listen to classical music in the car, you know why? "Radio got stuck on the station." *banging fist on dash* Piece of shit!

Keep going for the video while I start spreading a Rush Limbaugh sees all conspiracy theory.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees coincidence is God's way of making you read meaning into things that you shouldn't.

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