Rollerblader Blasting Through London To A Tasty Jam Meets A Car Door

January 23, 2020


This is a self-shot pole-cam video of London-based filmmaker and freeskater Jack Tierney blasting down the streets and sidewalks near St. Paul's Cathedral to Pete Rock's 'Grown Man Sport' when he meets a grown man car door that smoothly sets him on his ass next to a lady who looks like she decided it was the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. Still, it could have been much worse, especially considering he wasn't wearing a helmet. Me? I don't go anywhere without wearing my safety helmet. "Even the bathroom?" *tightening chinstrap* They don't call it explosive diarrhea for no reason, you know.

Keep going for Instagram and Youtube versions of the video in case you have a preference.

Thanks to Mike R, who agrees at least he didn't nut himself on a handrail.

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