Real Products That Exist: USB-Powered Stuffed Animal Hand Warmers For Use When Typing

January 28, 2020


These are the ~$35 - $40 Smoko Toasty Handwarmers. Available in unicorn, three different styles of toast, and teddy bear varieties, each set of handwarmers plugs into a USB port (just don't get up and walk away with them attached or you'll yank your laptop off your desk) and keeps your hands nice and toasty while typing whatever the hell you're typing. *looking over shoulder* What are you typing anyways? Wait -- is that to me?! "No it's to my cable provider." Oh thank God, I just saw 'worthless bag of shit' and assumed the worst.

Keep going for shots of all the warmth to be had.







Thanks again to DT, who agrees there's nothing worse than your lover surprising you with a freezing cold hand.

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