Quality Inn: Hotel Bathroom With Door That Won't Close Because Of Toilet

January 21, 2020


In measuring is for people who can't just eyeball it news, this is a short video tour of a hotel room in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a bathroom door that won't close because the hotel recently underwent renovations and they installed new elongated shitters without measuring to make sure that would be a wise improvement first. I wonder just how many rooms this little oversight affects. Now you can't poop without everyone in the room knowing your pooping. You might as well just make an announcement when you get up and ask if anybody wants to hold your hand. You know I actually just replaced my old toilet with one of these elongated mamma jammas, and I have to be honest: the curvature of the seat makes my legs go numb significantly faster than the seat on my old can. Plus I think I tweaked my back reaching for the toilet paper. "You live a fascinating life, GW." Wait till I tell you about my shower chair. "La-Z-Boy?" I did already?!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Lindy, who agrees there's nothing like hearing a road trip friend turn the last fast food they ate into some percussion in a hotel bathroom.

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