Party Bus!: Star Light Projectors For Your Car's Roof

January 24, 2020


Those words: what do they mean?

These are the $13 - $33 (depending on color -- red or blue, and with or without controller) USB powered star light projectors from Volwco (among a ton of other manufacturers) and available on Amazon. You just stick the tiny projector to the back of the front armrests, plug in the USB cord and IT'S DANCE PARTY TIME, BABY. Obviously, these are perfect for the over-the-top Uber or Lyft driver who wants the interior of their car to look as ridiculous as possible (is that a disco ball?). "Or hotboxing." I don't even know what that means. Personally, I feel like the last thing we need is more people driving distracted because they can't take their eyes off the laser light show taking place on their roof. What do you think? "Red or blue?" I went with blue.

Keep going for a few more shots and a video demonstration (I can't wait!).




Thanks to Marissa, who agrees if you don't have a laser light show that responds to the song you're playing, do you even like music?

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