Oh, Internet: Guy Edits The Sounds His Baby Makes To Perform AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck'

January 21, 2020


Because this is the internet and the internet's brakes have been cut and it wore its own e-brake out drifting around its old high school's parking lot, this is an arrangement of AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' created by father Matt MacMillan using the sounds his newborn son Ryan makes (after identifying what notes they were). I'm not gonna lie, it's intense. Probably too intense for most. Me? I have an incredibly high threshold for intense, buttchug hot sauce on the reg, and still only made it halfway. Do not take if you are pregnant, plan to be come pregnant, while breastfeeding, or even know what breastfeeding is.

Keep going for this video, a making-of (in case you were unsure how, but not why, people make these things), and the original for reference.

Thanks to Austin CE, who agrees Matt should make make a 'Hell's Bells' version for Ryan's upcoming terrible twos.

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