Night Vision: A 180-Degree LED Headlamp

January 2, 2020

This is the $37 ONE80 flexible LED headlamp. The 360-lumen waterproof, rechargeable headlamp illuminates 180-degrees in front of a wearer so they can use their peripheral vision in the dark. That way you will be able to briefly see the bears before they eat you. Plus -- PLUS -- I bet if I wear one and catch my roommate by surprise while he's half asleep on the sofa I can convince him I'm an angel that was sent to earth to kick his ass for being such a shitty roommate. *repeatedly punching in shoulder* GOD SAYS FLUSH THE TOILET, SEVERAL TIMES IF YOU HAVE TO.

Keep going for a video about the lamp if you're interested. Me? I only use fire to guide the way at night. It's 360-degrees.

Thanks to Nicholas F, who agrees the best headlamp of all time is the sun, and you don't even have to wear it, just operate during normal business hours.

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